Whistleblowing channel for preventing violations of Code of Conduct.

All potential violations to the Code of Conduct should be prevented. If a violation occurs, an incident must be reported through a provided channel in a timely manner. Supervisors are responsible for informing employees about whistleblowing channel. 

If an employee suspect that Code of Conduct has been violated, he/she reports the misconduct by contacting an immediate superior, any member of local leadership teams, or internal audit function. Concerns and issues are addressed confidentially and anonymously. 

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Upholding Ethical Standards

All compliance concerns are reviewed in accordance with the established process. All allegations of potential violations of the Code of Conduct that are made in good faith will receive a fair and comprehensive investigation. Acts that are inconsistent with the Code of Conduct must be promptly corrected and are subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the applicable legislation. Criminal violations may also lead to prosecution proceedings.