supervisory board

Fortaco Group Supervisory Board

The general duty of the Supervisory Board is to direct Fortaco’s business in such a way that, in the long term, it generates the greatest possible added value for the capital invested in it, at the same time taking the various stakeholders into account.

Should any matter, which has been addressed to the competence of the Supervisory Board under Fortaco’s Rules of Procedures belong to the sole competence of either the General Meeting of the Shareholders or the Board of Directors according to the Finnish Companies Act, the Supervisory Board is entitled to make relevant resolutions which are then formally recorded into the resolutions of either the General Meeting of the Shareholders or the Board of Directors.

According to the Rules of Procedure, the Supervisory Board decides on, inter alia, all material business issues (including without limitation the purchase and sale of any real estate, business, shares or other securities), any significant organizational changes, material investments or series of investments or leases, and the appointment and dismissal of the CEO.

The agenda for meetings of the Supervisory Board is prepared and presented by the CEO. The Supervisory Board evaluates its performance and working methods once a year.

Supervisory Board Members

Panu Routila

Born 1964, Finnish citizen
Supervisory Board Chairman since 2022
Board Chairman 2020 – 2022

DBA, Aalto University
M. Sc. in Finance & Accounting

Patria Oyj, Chairman of the Board since 2020
Neova OYJ, Chairman of the Board since 2022
Ensto Oy, Board Member since 2020
Konecranes, President and CEO 2015–2019
Ahlström Capital, President and CEO 2008-2015

Markus Sjöholm

Born 1971, Finnish citizen
Supervisory Board Member since 2022
Board Member 2016-2017, 2019 – 2022

M. Sc. in Economics and Business Administration

Actone Oy, CEO & Founder since 2018
Lahti Precision Oy, Board Chairman 2020–2023, Board Member 2018-2020
Irepse Oy (Esperi Care), Board Chairman 2020–2022
Solera Beverage Group, Board Chairman 2020–2021
Sdiptech AB, Board Member 2018–2020
CapMan Buyout, Managing Partner, Partner 1996-2018

Marc Lindhorst

Born 1986, German citizen
Supervisory Board Member since 2022

M. Sc. in Finance
B. Sc. in General Management & Business Law
One Equity Partners, Partner since 2023

Sebastian Schatton

Born 1990, German citizen
Supervisory Board member since 2022

B. Sc. in General Management
One Equity Partners, Principal since 2024
DESMI, Board Member since 2022

Mona Henning

Born 1989, German citizen
Supervisory Board Observer since 2022

M.Sc. in Finance & Accounting
One Equity Partners, Senior Associate since 2024