Approved by: Fortaco Group Holdco Plc, Supervisory Board

Responsible person: President & CEO

Date of first approval: 22.5.2023

General information

Fortaco complies with Finnish and EU legislation, the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, the guidelines issued by the FIN-FSA and the company’s governance principles in its communications.
Fortaco’s key communication principles are consistency, transparency, openness, honesty and initiative. The company’s aim is to provide a truthful picture of the company’s operations, operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial performance. Disclosures are communicated without undue delay, equally and simultaneously to all of the company’s stakeholders.

Fortaco publishes information on its financial position in accordance with an annual schedule that is specified in advance. The financial reporting dates for each new financial year are announced before the end of the preceding financial year. Information regarding the financial situation, balance sheet and financing position, outlook or profit performance, or other material information concerning the company’s operations or operating environment is primarily communicated in interim reports, half-year reports and financial statements releases.

Fortaco discloses inside information directly pertaining to the company as soon as possible unless the company decides to delay the disclosure.

In the management of inside information, Fortaco complies with the applicable legislation, the guidelines issued by the authorities and the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki. Fortaco also has its own insider guidelines approved by the company’s Supervisory Board.

The company discloses other matters to be disclosed in accordance with the Stock Exchange rules and other rules and legislation applicable to the company.

Releases published by Fortaco

Releases published by Fortaco are divided into two categories: stock exchange releases and press releases. Both types of releases are published on the company’s investor website at investors.fortacogroup.com. In addition, the company publishes news of potential interest to its stakeholders on its website in English.

Stock exchange releases

Fortaco discloses, as soon as possible and in the form of a stock exchange release, such information on matters, actions and events concerning the company’s operations that is inside information. In addition, the company publishes, in the form of a stock exchange release, any information disclosed on the basis of the periodic disclosure obligation, periodic reports, and other matters that are due to be disclosed under the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki.

Press releases

Fortaco publishes press releases regarding events pertaining to its business operations. Press releases are used to communicate matters that do not meet the criteria for a stock exchange release but are considered to be newsworthy or otherwise of interest to the company’s stakeholders.

Silent period

In its communications, Fortaco observes a silent period that begins 30 days before the publication of interim reports, half-year reports and financial statements releases. During the silent period, Fortaco does not comment on the company’s financial position, market or future outlook. During the silent period, the company’s management does not meet with representatives of the capital markets or financial media, nor does the management express opinions on matters pertaining to the company’s financial position or general views. The silent periods are indicated in the investor calendar on the website.