Sustainability is our focus area. We have defined the most important sustainability topics.


Climate change
Product design & lifecycle management 


Occupational health and safety
Employee wellbeing
Human rights


Business ethics
Supply chain sustainability

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Sustainability projects

Fortaco is active in green environmental transformation. We are committed to developing solutions to reduce global warming by 1,5 degrees. We have the following projects ongoing:

Rapid Steel

The purpose of the project is to create an integrated tool chain, which includes optimization of product design based on real-life product usage, the simultaneous design of product and manufacturing processes, and robotization of manufacturing process.

A new light-weight steel structure design, developed by Fortaco, is undergoing a field test with a key customer. The use of high-strength steel is treated as a part of the customer’s new electrified fleet approach, and it is also improving the fuel economy of internal combustion engines.


The aim of the project is to develop a toolchain, which is utilizing IoT and blockchain technologies for estimation and sharing of information about residual lifetime and residual value of steel components.

Fortaco takes care of measuring residual lifetime to help a customer make decisions about the re-use, refurbishment and re-manufacturing of its machines. The aim is to provide real-life information about the residual lifetime of steel components. This supports our R&D decision regarding next-generation design criteria.

Both the RapidSteel and SmartSteel projects are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. 


Fortaco takes part in a two-year FOSSA project (fossil-free steel applications). The project has three main themes: the value chain of fossil-free steel, advanced steels and applications, and virtual manufacturing of steel products.

The project is funded by Business Finland and consortium participants

Fortaco takes care of the fossil-free steel application in manufacturing. A research study is ongoing on a fossil-free steel to understand, how to implement new material on a customer’s request.

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) guides our operations.

Our QHSE Policy Statement

Fortaco is a unique manufacturing company operating in the heavy equipment market. We aim to be the most professional and reliable partner in our industry with total commitment to safety, quality and operational excellence.

Our reputation is our greatest asset. It is founded on our values and embodied in our Code of Conduct.

We are striving for a safe, injury-free work environment, where everyone is committed and actively driving risk reduction and zero accidents.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, deliver reliable and defect free products and improve continuously.

We aim to be in harmony with our environment, we are always improving our resource efficiency and achieving full compliance with the legal requirements and regulations.

We expect all our employees to live our values and take responsibility for their contribution to achieve quality, health, safety and environmental ambitions.