fortaco’s offering

We are a trusted partner for the global OEM customers.

Our global customers are the leading OEMs in their own industry sectors like agriculture, construction equipment, container handling, defense, forestry, marine and energy, material handling, and mining.

We have a versatile offering, including assemblies, vehicle cabins, and steel fabricated components as well as technology services and zero emission solutions.

We have operations in eight European countries and a joint venture in Pune, India. Our Technology Hubs are located in Austria, Finland, France, Poland, and Slovakia.

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As a Tier 0.5 partner, our offering includes a broad range of assembly services, like:

• complete vehicle assemblies and module assemblies

• tailor-made supply chain solutions, and alternative sourcing and outsourcing solutions for assembly operations

• lifetime service and after-sales service for spare parts.

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Vehicle Cabins

Driver’s safety and comfort, as well as user-friend interface are our top priorities. We have more than 80 years of track-record, and we are one of the most experienced and reliable operator cabin manufacturers in Europe. Our vehicle cabins offering include:

• completely assembled plug & play cabins and high-volume operator cabins

• serial manufacturing with flexible cabin content

• cabin technology, including complete project handling, product development and new product implementation services with design concepts, engineered solutions, industrialization, and customized manufacturing services. 

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Steel Fabrications

We are the largest manufacturer of steel fabrications in Europe. Based on our long history in steel processing, we have established ourselves as a reliable business partner. Our steel fabrications offering includes:

• manufacturing of steel components, complete frames or other types of structures

• in-house pre-fabrication, welding, machining, surface treatment, pre-assembly, project management, quality and testing

• surface preparation and corrosion protection by various technologies like E-coating, wet painting, powder painting, thermal spray processing. 

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Zero Emission Solutions

Fortaco is active in the green environmental transformation. One of our strategic targets is to transform the off-highway equipment industry into emission free. Fortaco’s Zero Emission Solutions team works with this strategic direction and develops future business offerings and technologies in the main four areas:

• ManuTech: modern manufacturing technologies and fossil free steel applications

• SystemTech: integrated thermal management and systems enhancing cabin ergonomics

• SteelTech: application of data- analysis to develop lightweight structures and enable circular model for steel components

• E-mobility: new business areas related to battery systems and charging solutions.