Key Figures

Financial targets

Fortaco’s target is over 7% recurring EBITA and over 20% ROCE over the cycles.

Fortaco Group Key Financials

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MEUR, IFRS7-9/237-9/221-9/231-9/221 – 12/22**Last 12 months
Net sales79.90.0272.00.094.9366.9
% of net sales-0.1%N/A5.4%N/A0.7%4.6%
% of net sales-3.9%N/A2.4%N/A-2.1%1.6%
Non-recurring items2.
Recurring EBITDA2.
% of net sales3.1%N/A7.1%N/A5.4%6.7%
Recurring EBITA-
% of net sales-0.7%N/A4.1%N/A2.6%3.7%
Comparable net sales79.980.7272.0237.5332.4366.9
Comparable EBITDA0.05.114.818.522.819.1
% of net sales-0.1%6.3%5.4%7.8%6.9%5.2%
Comparable EBITA-
% of net sales-3.9%3.2%2.4%4.7%3.9%2.3%
Comparable non-recurring items2.
Comparable recurring EBITDA2.55.319.419.524.724.6
% of net sales3.1%6.6%7.1%8.2%7.4%6.7%
Comparable recurring EBITA-0.52.811.212.214.813.8
% of net sales-0.7%3.5%4.1%5.1%4.5%3.8%
Balance sheet ratios
Return on Capital Employed % (ROCE)-1.1%7.5%7.8%10.7%10.1%7.2 %
Equity ratio, %24.2%25.0%24.2%25.0%24.3%24.2%
Net debt81.557.981.557.952.081.5
Net gearing125.2%97.9%125.2%97.9%93.0%125.2%
Net debt / last 12 months comparable
recurring EBITDA

*) The comparable figures in this report refer to the comparable financial metrics of the Group in 2022, which are derived from the financial performance of Fortaco Group in 2022, following its acquisition last year. For the avoidance of doubt, no adjustments to the comparability have been made to the financial information for the year 2023.

**) Period 12.4.2022-31.12.2022 for reported figures.

Financials are including MauserCABS since September 2023. Buisard financials will be consolidated into Fortaco Group since closing of the acquisition of 100% of the shares. See events after the reporting period.

Definition of key figures

EBITDA = Operating profit + depreciation + amortization + impairments

EBITA = Operating profit + amortization + impairments

Recurring EBITDA = Operating profit + depreciation + amortization + impairments +/- non-recurring items

Recurring EBITA = Operating profit + amortization + impairments +/- non-recurring items

Non-recurring items = Certain costs or income not related to the ordinary course of business, including restructuring costs, strategic development projects and transaction costs

Return of Capital Employed % (ROCE) = Recurring EBITA / (total assets – current liabilities)

Equity ratio = Equity / total assets

Net debt = Current and non-current interest bearing liabilities + M&A liabilities – total liquidity

Net gearing = Net debt / total equity