Fortaco / Press releases / TATA AutoComp & Fortaco Group unveils cutting-edge cabin facility

Fortaco Group, a strategic partner to the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries, is proud to announce the inauguration of Tata AutoComp manufacturing facility for the state-of-the-art vehicle cabins in Pune, India. The inauguration ceremony took place on 7 November 2023 at TATA AutoComp’s Composite Division Manufacturing Facility. The representatives from key customers, TATA AutoComp, and Fortaco attended the event.

TATA AutoComp and Fortaco Group will provide safe and ergonomic vehicle cabins to the Indian and Asian markets. Safety cabin manufacturing is made by TATA AutoComp and it is based on Fortaco’s cabin design and manufacturing technology. The product offering will include low to high-volume operator cabins for Indian agriculture, construction equipment, and other off-highway applications and also for exports.

Mr Arvind Goel, Chairman, TATA AutoComp: “Tata AutoComp has always been a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge technology to its customers. The off-highway vehicle market is developing rapidly in India and demand for safety and comfort has started increasing amongst users. With strong design & technology collaboration with Fortaco, this new cabin facility will offer safe, comfortable cabins to the tractor and off-highway industry, thereby strengthening our presence in these segments across India & global markets”.

Mr. Lars Hellberg, President & CEO for Fortaco Group: “Our Collaboration with TATA AutoComp has allowed us to leverage our technical capabilities to create a cabin facility that sets new standards in the industry. We are proud of this milestone, which emphasizes innovation, customer satisfaction, and quality. The collaboration between our teams has been fruitful, and we are confident that the tractors equipped with these cabins will make a positive impact on e.g., the farming community.”

With our premium brands, Buisard – Fortaco – MauserCABS – TATA AutoComp, Fortaco provides high-quality vehicle cabins and technology development to the off-highway equipment OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) worldwide. Our vehicle cabin business sites are located in Austria, Finland, France, India, and Slovakia. In Europe, Fortaco is one of the largest vehicle cabin manufacturers.

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