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Fortaco Group and Buisard have joined forces and established the Fortaco Buisard Cabins entity within Fortaco Group. Through a strategic alliance, we create a market leading vehicle cabin technology and manufacturing business serving the off-highway equipment industry as part of Fortaco Group. The combined net sales of cabin business is +140 M€, while Fortaco Group total net sales, including Buisard is +340 M€. Business Sites locate in Holic/Slovakia, Kurikka/Finland, Sable-sur-Sarthe/France and Pune/India. Both Fortaco and Buisard have respected and complimentary customer portfolio, and their combined cabin offering include both low, medium, and high volume glazed cabins with assembly content as well as full plug and play vehicle cabins.


“Through the strategic alliance Fortaco becomes a minority shareholder of Buisard, and I am very pleased to share this news. Together we will further develop vehicle cabin offerings worldwide. Fortaco has a joint venture with Tata AutoComp since 2019, as earlier announced, to design and manufacture vehicle cabins in India and Asia. Mr. Cocaign, the majority owner of Buisard and myself know each other since many years, and we have recognized the synergies to join forces through the strategic alliance. We have great teams, broad know-how, and a sustainable future as one team”, says Lars Hellberg, President & CEO for Fortaco Group.


“With 80 years of history and continuous growth, Buisard is now entering in a new era. I feel very excited and committed to work with Fortaco and develop Fortaco Buisard Cabins to be the vehicle cabin leader in the world. This new international span will provide our global customers optimized design and manufacturing solutions for best-in class cabins. Together with our employees and supplier partners this is an exciting new challenge”, says Jean-Guy Cocaign, President & CEO for Buisard Cabins.


Fortaco Buisard Cabins has decided to invest in a robot welding line at Holic factory in Slovakia, similar to the line at the Buisard factory in Sable-sur-Sarthe, France and in addition to extend the real estate floorspace for new sales programs.


Transaction has been signed on 10.12.2021. Closing to be on the first week of January.


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Fortaco Group

Fortaco is the leading brand independent strategic partner to the heavy off-highway equipment and marine industries offering technology, assemblies, Fortaco Buisard Cabins, and steel fabrications. Fortaco Group has operations in multiple European and Asian Business Sites and Technology Hubs, which are supporting our global customers.



Buisard is the leading independent cabin specialist for low, medium and high-volume cabins. With robotized welding and painting lines, Buisard produces over 120 cabins daily for net sales over 60+ M€.